Diplomates of the American Board of Sleep Medicine

Disclaimer: Certification by the American Board of Sleep Medicine does not in itself confer authority to practice medicine beyond the authority granted by a state that issues a license to practice medicine.

The American Board of Sleep Medicine throughout its history offered non-physicians, specifically PhDs, the opportunity to sit for its examination. Many PhD candidates over the years successfully passed the examination and received the designation "diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine." This designation must not be interpreted to mean that the American Board of Sleep Medicine designation supersedes any state or federal law with regard to medical license requirements for the treatment of patients. Those who have successfully passed the exam MUST be careful not to practice medicine outside of their legal limits.

NameCityStateCountrySpecialtyCertified Date
Sarfraz Riaz Ahmad, M.B., B.S. Winnipeg Manitoba Canada Internal Medicine 9/19/2006
Mohammed M. Al Barrak, M.D. Winnipeg MB Canada Pulmonology 3/24/2004
Luai Adnan Al-Husseini, M.D. Jordan Pulmonology 9/20/2005
Qasim Raza Alikhan, M.D. Ottawa ON Canada Internal Medicine 3/22/2005
Jose Luis Alva, M.D. Juarez Mexico Pulmonology 9/16/2006
Sonia Ancoli-Israel, Ph.D. San Diego CA Psychology 3/30/1985
Awad I. Awad, M.D. Oakville ON Canada Psychiatry 4/17/2000
Marcel A. Baltzan, M.D. Montreal QC Canada Pulmonology 4/6/1998
Joseph Barbera, M.D. Toronto ON Canada Psychiatry 3/24/2004
Michel George Beaudry, M.D. Chicoutimi QC Canada Neurology 4/14/2003
Adam Blackman, M.D. Toronto ON Canada Psychiatry 4/22/1996
Wagdy A. Botros, M.D. Kitchener ON Canada Psychiatry 4/8/2002
Roger J. Broughton, M.D. Ottawa ON Canada Neurology 4/5/1978
Daniel P. Brunner, Ph.D. Zurich Switzerland Switzerland Sleep (Nat. Sciences) 4/11/1999
Kenneth Buttoo, M.D. Ajax ON Canada Pulmonology 4/28/1997
Clement Cahan, M.D. Jerusalem Israel Israel Pulmonology 4/22/1996
Brendan Caruana Montaldo, M.D. Sliema Malta Malta Pulmonology 4/11/1999
Maureen Nicole Ceresney, M.D. Vancouver British Columbia Canada Psychiatry 9/19/2006
Kateri Agnes Champagne, M.D. Westmount QC Canada Pulmonology 4/8/2002
Victoria M. Chan, M.D. Richmond Hill ON Canada Pulmonology 4/23/2001
Ronald G. Cridland, M.D. Calgary AB Canada Internal Medicine 4/11/1999
Jeff M. Daiter, M.D. Richmond Hill ON Canada Family Medicine 4/23/2001
Robert E. Dales, M.D. Ottawa ON Canada Pulmonology 4/11/1999
David Ross Dancey, M.D. Toronto ON Canada Internal Medicine 4/23/2001
Aysin Dervent, M.D. Istanbul Turkey Turkey Neurology 10/30/1981